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November 30, 2018

Holley to industry: We’re close, more work to do

Written by Marc Schwarz
Photo Credit: MARC SCHWARZ

A day after bills to legalize adult-use cannabis passed through the Senate and Assembly committees, Assemblyman Jamel Holley gave supporters of the bill marching orders at CannaGather NJ’s monthly event.

“Yesterday was a big day. Yesterday was an amazing day. For those of you who are joining us for the first time, thank you. Because now all of us are united on one front. Now it’s up to us to take it to a different level,” Holley said at the event which had more than 200 attendees at the Kola Klub in Hoboken.

Holley stressed the need to contact legislators and express support for the bill.

“We have some steps ahead. I have some colleagues who want some fixes and that’s OK. I have some colleagues who were yes, continue to educate them. I have some colleagues who were no, but really, really want to go to yes. It’s up to all of us to continue to educate them,” he added.

To that end, WM Policy, the policy arm of Weedmaps, is providing pre-written letters that can be accessed at: https://p2a.co/Yq7uFkz.

Holley addressed the economic possibilities of the bill as well as some of the concerns he’s heard about members of minority communities being left out.

“Now that it’s a business, we need to provide some relief and provide opportunities for those individuals who look like me to get into the business,” he said. “People say to me all the time, well the big boys are coming in. Well, we know that. For those who want to get into the industry but otherwise wouldn’t, we provide a path to ensure that they do.

“My goal and focus is that that pathway is laid out for you as best as possible. I feel that when we’ve done with the New Jersey model, it will be a model for other states.”

Before Holley appeared, a panel on branding, strategy and culture featured: Kyle Heverly, regional sales director at Kush Supply Co.; Denise Biderman, co-founder of Mary’s List; Jacobi Holland, founder and CEO of Jade Insights; and Eric Meth, founder and CEO of Good Harvest Co.






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