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October 8, 2018

Number of the week: Less than 1

Written by Marc Schwarz

That’s the amount of marijuana in ounces that was sold, distributed, or possessed with intent to sell that’s now eligible to be expunged from a convicted person’s criminal record due to a new New Jersey law that went into effect Oct. 1.

In addition, “convictions for third or fourth degree crimes involving sale or distribution or possession with intent to sell a controlled dangerous substance may be expunged where the court finds expungement is in the public interest, considering the nature of the offense and the character and conduct of the petitioner since the conviction.”

The waiting period before the conviction can be expunged was lowered from 10 to six years.

A person who was 21 or younger at the time of the offense of possessing a controlled dangerous substance, or of selling, distributing, or possessing marijuana or hashish with the intent to sell, may be eligible to apply for expungement one year after the conviction, termination of probation, or parole or discharge from custody, whichever is later, if certain conditions are met.

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