NJ Cannabis Media -
June 1, 2018

U.S. trails in global marketplace

Written by Marc Schwarz
Photo Credit: Thomas E. Franklin

Israel and Canada are driving growth and development in the regulated global cannabis market, reports to a new white paper by the Policy Council of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the industry’s only national trade association.

“Lack of federal regulation and the inability to expand beyond state borders means U.S. cannabis companies are constrained in their ability to grow and are at a competitive disadvantage to cannabis companies in other countries,” according to “How the U.S. Is Falling Behind In the Regulated Global Cannabis Market.”

The report highlights:

  • Israel’s research and development advantage;
  • Multi-billion dollar global medical cannabis trade;
  • Dominance of Canada’s public cannabis companies;
  • International expansion with the United States on the sidelines

The conclusion: A policy change is needed. “Catching up with our international competitors requires cannabis entrepreneurs to be permitted to unleash the unique drive of American innovation. This means descheduling cannabis and removing federal barriers that prevent effective banking, institutional investment, and clinical research, while burdening U.S. cannabis businesses with disproportionate taxation.”

To read the entire report:


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